Multiple Exposure Madness

I love light.

Last weekend was probably one of the very few weekends I can recall lately that was:

1. Sunny.
2. Free.
3. Creativity was thriving.

Me and my lovely Laura went for a little adventure to a few nice places near her. Fortunately, we timed the last bit of our adventure really well as the sun was starting to go down, which means... AWESOME LIGHT. 

To be honest the light was great all day, here's a nice portrait to give you an idea of the kind of light we're talking about:

Laura looking all cute like she always does. Taken on a Nikkor 50mm 1.4.

So. Multiple Exposures?!

I've been wanting to try out the technique of Multiple Exposures for a while and it seemed that this was the day we were going to give it a pretty good go. As an overview a Multiple Exposure is 'the superimposition of two or more exposures to create a single image'.

This technique can produce some incredibly interesting results. Here's a few of them that came out really well, ones of me were taken by Laura vice versa. 

Laura looking scary...

Me, as a leafy bush.

Two of my favourite things, Laura and a Sunset.

Quick Tip

My advice would be to you if you're going to try this technique with your camera is that takes a fair bit of practise, and in most cases a bit of luck helps too. I hold my hands up and say that Laura actually got the hang of this faster than me... lucky, obviously (;

Once it's in your camera, you have the option to 'tinker' with it in Adobe Photoshop or whatever other Image Editing Software you possess. All of the editing on these photos are done directly in Lightroom with ZERO Photoshop involved. I think it's nice to try and keep the editing to a minimal as much as you can. Nobody likes an 'over-edit'. 

Our Favourites

These two shots were our favourite Multiple Exposures of each other. We agreed this over a nice hot drink while Adobe Lightroom was open. Happy days.

Laura's 'Multiple Exposure' taken by me

My 'Multiple Exposure' taken by Laura


So my conclusion is that if you have a camera or have been thinking about doing this technique for a while... go do it. I'll be trying it out some more when I grab the chance. 

Anyway, I best wrap this up. So here's a nice shot of the sunset I grabbed just before we headed home. 

Ahhhh Sunset. I love you.

Thanks for reading,