R.I.P Peter Giovanni Pelari

R.I.P Peter Giovanni Pelari

On 19th December 2014, my Grandfather Peter Pelari passed away. After a collision with a lorry on Brownhills High Street he was air lifted to hospital by the Air Ambulance. Unfortunately, despite the great efforts of the Air Ambulance, authorities and Hospital staff,  the operation was just too much for his heart. This is the first experience of grieving I have experienced in our small family, the other times I was just far too young to understand or even comprehend. After hearing the news I don't know what else to do apart from write this and gather the photos I've taken of him. People deal with things in their own way I guess and keeping your mind active is important.

Peter was a very popular, loving and simple man who valued the gift of family and friends. I know that is easy to say for absolutely anybody, but family & the people he knew on a daily basis, were what he was all about. My Dad always says how it amazed him how an 84 year old man got about so much and knew so many people. He was always supportive of my involvement with art & creative things, so much so, he bought me my 1st ever Apple computer (a 21" iMac in 2007). My brother has it now and it's still working great for his video work. Nice one Grandad! 


My mother says he didn't usually need to cross the road on his visits to Brownhills town centre, as he usually parks on a certain car park. On this particular day though, the car park was full and he unfortunately parked over the other side of the road.

Ever since my Grandmother got put into a home years ago, we got the feeling that his heart has been breaking a little bit each day. We were told that when the vehicle hit him, the police & authorities found a Clinton Cards bag with 2 cards in it, one 'Merry Christmas To My Wife' & 'To My Wife, Happy Birthday' as my Grandmothers birthday is on 29th December. Heartbreaking.

I think i'm going to wrap this up now and leave you with a few more photos I took of him since I started photography a few years ago.

R.I.P Grandad, I'm sure I can speak for pretty much everybody you knew, we'll miss you forever.

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