The Vamps (B'ham NIA)

Just over a week ago I was given the opportunity by 'I Am Birmingham' to shoot The Vamps at The NIA in Birmingham on 05/10/14. This was my hat-trick of shooting them 'live' following the gig I shot a few months back at The Rainbow in Digbeth, Birmingham. If you wanted to check that out, you can go here)

The photo pit was closed on the night, due to the band filming a new DVD that will come out in the near future. This meant we had to shoot the show from the isles that split-up the crowd sections, something new to me as it's either in the pit, or from the mixer. Here's a view from behind where I was shooting on the night, phone lights aplenty. Kinda wish it was lighters, but I guess we're far from the 60's now (and nobody wants their hair set on fire).

The Vamps boys once again had a lot of energy on stage and I soon realised that I might need a slightly faster shutter speed to catch them in their prime. It was great to see so much movement as I'm starting to get used to seeing artists just standing on stage not moving much. Let alone the fact these guys play their own instruments, it's a breath of fresh air! Check out some of my favourite shots below:

Just a final note is that James McVey (The Vamps Guitarist) picked up on this shot I took of him & Brad Simpson at the gig and decided to give a little speech about when he first met Brad 3 years ago. Ahhh, young love.

Here's a few frames of James McVey getting a pie in the face on the big screen..

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