Zombie Walk Birmingham 2014

On Saturday, the streets of Birmingham were once again filled with the awesome horror of Zombies, blood and BRAINSSSSSSS. The event was the 6th of it's kind to happen in the City Centre and was the 3rd I had the pleasure of photographing. Thanks to Jamie Chapman & Adam Yosef, for involving me once again in this great event & all of their hard work towards it leading up to the actual day.

Lots of donations on the day were made to Birmingham Children's Hospital in an attempt to raise £15,000 for the charity. If you would like to donate to Birmingham Children's Hospital please go here. Every little helps! 

Below, you can see some of the branding I created, as well as some of the photographs I took on the day.

Zombie Walk 2014 Branding

Zombie Walk 2014 Branding

Zombie Walk 2014 Poster Design

Zombie Walk 2014 Stickers

Photo by Adam Yosef.