Birmingham Street Photography (April-June)

After feeling like I wasn’t using my camera enough, I decided that ‘I need more time’ was a terrible excuse. Each day I arrive into Birmingham Moor Street Station around 08:25am. I walk to Brindleyplace which gets me to work for about 09:50am. Repeat & reverse that journey for the afternoon commute and you’ve got 50 minutes a day. 50 minutes where I can choose to either look down at my phone or take some pictures.

I tried this out for a few days, which ended up being a week and has recently hit 2 months. Street Photography is a strangely satisfying exercise with a camera, the morning and afternoon rush hour are complete & utter chaos when you stand back and look. There are hundreds of moments that you would usually miss in the blink of an eye. At first it was a little strange, but after a short period of time you start to find a groove. The easiest and best trick I have found is to just keep on moving. If you linger about in one place with a camera in your hand, you look like a weirdo.

The Moments I Shot

I shot hundreds of images in Birmingham City Centre starting from mid-April through to mid-June 2015 and there’s a selection of images below that I found quite interesting. 

What Did I Use?

For the camera people out there, I mainly used a Nikon D3s with a choice of 4 lenses. I switched between a 35mm, 50mm, 85mm & 135mm on random days, eventually deciding that the 50mm topped my list. This is not to say you should use a 50mm lens for Street Photography, each lens means that you can work differently with how to get the shots you want. Also, don’t forget you can use just about anything to shoot Street Photography, try your iPhone/Smart Phone to start with. Here’s the stuff that i’d swap and change out of my bag each day.


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