The Lost Wedding Album

After my Grandad passed away in December 2014, one of the things that pulled us together was organising everything inside his house. Sorting out paperwork, collating belongings & discovering items from a lifetime ago. My Mother, along with her brother Andrew found the wedding album from my Grandparents' wedding. They had been searching for a while & were coming to the conclusion that it might just never turn up. It was becoming known as 'The Lost Wedding Album'.

Fortunately they did find it, hidden deep inside a dresser wrapped in a protective bag. This album goes all the way back to 23rd July 1953 & the images inside are fantastic. For me, It just shows how powerful photography is. Unfortunately, we have absolutely no idea who photographed this wedding. I especially would really love to know.

If you wish to see it, take a look at the photos from the pages below,