The Wedding of Chantelle & Nick

On December 13th 2015 I had the pleasure of photographing Chantelle & Nick’s wedding. Shot inside Warwick House in Warwickshire, the day was filled with great moments and my role was simply to capture them, assisted with the awesome help from my lovely little lady, Laura.

From early conversations & meetings I was told by the bride and groom that they wanted the photographs of the day to involve the kids, close friends & family as much as possible. In my personal opinion, this was a gift to certain situations as children bring a more fun & less-formal approach which can be a great on your wedding day and it will show on the wedding photographs. Kids are always unpredictable so this fitted the ‘documentary’ style perfectly as fleeting moments and random instances really create a more unique feel to the day. 

The icing on the cake for photographing this wedding was that after shooting it on December 13th, I was able to find enough time to complete all of the sorting & post-processing of the images sooner than imagined. After putting in a few extra editing hours than usual, I found myself in a position to be able deliver all of their wedding photos on Christmas Eve, making it an unexpected early xmas present for the Bride & Groom. Totally worth it.

Below I have picked out a small handful of my favourite shots taken throughout the day.