Ashleigh Millman Photoshoot

After a desire to shoot a lot more portraits in 2016, It seemed clear to get in the studio again with Ashleigh Millman. I last shot with Ash for a Pop Art project in 2014. I knew that Ash would bring her A-game so when you pair that with the Make-Up/Hair skills of JoJo Davies, I had a feeling this was going to be pretty awesome team to kick the year off with.

This shoot was all about getting a natural look from Ash with a few simple lighting set-ups. This would allow Ash to go through her plethora of poses that would give me the kind of shots that I wanted.  Another thing to add is that Ash has got this wicked mane of red hair, which I wanted to be loose and flowing to give the shots a bit more depth & movement.

Below is a few hand picked shots from the shoot. 

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Model: Ashleigh Millman
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MUA: JoJo Davies
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Studio: TipTop Photography