B'ham Street Photography (Jul-Sep)


Here are 50 photos taken on the streets of Birmingham during the months of July, August & September of 2016. After changing a large part of my working life and going freelance, I didn’t know whether I would be taking as many photos of Birmingham anymore. It appears I have surprised even myself and actively continued to photograph the streets of Birmingham, albeit differently to when I was commuting through the city. 

I have started to explore more of the city as well as seeking out moments that happen at times I wouldn’t have been in the city before. This has almost refreshed my view on grabbing these little moments in the city. The main goal is still to capture an honest beauty about everyday life, and produce images that are a good representation of my visual art. I feel grateful that i'm in a position to focus fully on my photography and in a mindset to keep learning. That’s something I hope doesn’t ever go away, as I feel it’s important to keep learning rather than thinking you already know what you need to know.

Anyway, here’s 50 moments from July, August & September. 

Thanks for looking.