Birmingham Street Photography (Apr-Jun)

Here are 50 photos taken on the streets of Birmingham during the months of April, May & June of 2016. After passing the ‘1 year’ mark in April, these images come from a well-rehearsed commute walk from Moor Street Station all the way up to BrindleyPlace. However, now that my job & work has changed, I will no longer be photographing this specific journey as I head towards pastures new.

Shooting ‘Street’ has liberated and inspired me to take note of more ‘normal’ instances within our world. Those moments that most people just miss completely, either because of how busy we all are, or maybe they are just deemed not worthy of attention? I don’t know for certain. Whatever reason it may be, a ‘commute’ often feels like a repeptitive process, but how much attention are you actually paying? Over the last 12-14 months it didn’t really occur to me what I wanted to achieve from photographing my commute. But over time, it became clear I wanted to portray an almost ‘honest beauty’ about everyday life. Even if it was something deemed as ‘repetitive’ as a commute to work. 

Whatever your view on it is, much like my other posts on this topic, I’ve gathered 50 moments captured during the last few months of my daily commute to my 9-5 job. Who knows what the future has in store.

Thanks for reading/looking.