SHOOT DATE: 14/09/16


In September I had one of my favourite shoots of the year. I organised to head into the studio with Rachel Perera & Kate Benton. Rachel was new to modelling and this was her first studio shoot, I thought this was a joke because I was pretty blown away at how great she was in front of the camera. She absolutely hit every pose I was after, and we came away with such a great range of work to be proud of. Kate Benton brought her magic and made sure Rachel’s hair was spot on throughout the shoot. This was the very first shoot where I decided to bring a hair stylist on and it really paid off. Kate was fantastic, really professional & knew her stuff about hair. I’m useless at stuff like that, I need to be concentrating on getting the shots & lighting right so having Kate there was a massive help. I shot most of these shots with a pairing of an 85mm and a 35mm, a combination of focal lengths that are becoming a real ‘go to’ for me. I'm really pleased with this set of images. This shoot was great from start to finish.

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