Shooting Through 2018


This year was quite eventful for me, I must admit it feels like a total blur but thankfully I’ve got some photos that help refresh my memory. 

It all kicked off with me joining the Fujifilm family.

I sold all of my Nikon equipment and switched over to Fujifilm. This took me around 2 weeks to sell everything but I’m very happy with the decision. To my surprise, after I did this a few of friends decided to do the same! 

JAN-DUeYctPX4AAh0VB.jpg-large 2.jpeg

I got my own double page spread in a magazine (twice!)

I had a wonderful opportunity to be featured inside Birmingham Living Magazine on 2 double-page spreads asking me all about my photography and my journey with it. Massive thanks to the team for asking me to be featured!

… and then I got published in The Guardian!

I shot some publicity portraits for Roxana Silbert, who was the Creative Director of The REP in Birmingham. One of the portraits featured in an article in The Guardian about her position at The REP.

I photographed some new-born babies

I have a great relationship with Birmingham Children’s Hospital as well as Birmingham Women’s Hospital, and one time I spent a day in the wards taking photos of newborn babies at BWH. Cutest thing ever? Yep!

I got a surprise birthday party!

My wonderful partner Laura decided to lie to me for ages as she organised a surprise party for my birthday. Something I had no idea about, but was probably the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me as all of my close friends and family were there. She also got me a Fujifilm Instax camera as a present, which I absolutely love and have used all year round.  

I filmed and edited a whole music video.

I got the great opportunity to work with the guys from Dead Agents again, this time creating their debut music video for ‘I Belong’ all by myself. The track is awesome and so are the band!

There was another snow trip!

We got the chance to go skiing and snowboarding again, this time in Claviere, Italy. This years snowy experience was a little colder than usual as temperatures reached a chilling -15 degrees! This didn’t stop me getting the camera out whenever I could though. 

We almost lost my Uncle.

We almost lost my uncle this year. He died twice on the operating table during a double heart valve transplant. We are incredibly grateful to still have him with us, and it’s even better news that he is in now in very good health. Another reminder that family is so important. 

There were so many WEDDINGS!…

I shared amazing experiences with so many great couples on their wedding day this year!  I am so excited for 2019, as I have booked in my record number of Weddings for a single year! If you would like to find out more details about the weddings I shoot then click here.

… and I spent time with some awesome new (& existing) clients.

The freelance gods were looking down on me a few times this year, I managed to bag a number of commissions for new (and existing clients) that I feel so lucky to have been involved in. Being paid to do what you love is one of the best feelings in life.

Things got negative (in a good way)

In June I made the decision to start shooting photographic film for the first time in my life. I had 2 unfortunate purchases which resulted in 2 broken 35mm cameras which I had to send back. This led to an impulsive purchase of a Leica M6. No regrets.


I also went to London a lot more, purely for the streets.

This year I spent more time in the capital to photograph more of London. I had the company of some great photographers on every visit, and made some solid friendships solely through these trips. 

I got down on one knee in Bath.

After 6 months of planning, August 3rd finally arrived. I surprised Laura with a proposal in the exact spot we become a couple on August 3rd 2012. We shared the special moment with close friends, and it’s probably best that I mention… she said yes! (Photo 1 by Adam Enock)

Things got even more negative, to a ‘medium’ level.

I was introduced to medium format film late in the year by a new friend of mine. After much deliberation I delved into the Japanese camera market grabbing myself an old Pentax 6x7 camera solely for my portrait work. Again, I had no regrets!

I was on a panel at The Birmingham Photo Festival.

The guys from Birmingham Photography Festival asked me to be on a panel for their brilliant photography event in October! I had such a great time and the photographers that spoke on the day were so good. I came away feeling inspired and grateful to have met so many interesting & creative new people. If you didn’t go this year then you should definitely check out their future events!

Photo by Fraser McGee

Photo by Fraser McGee

Our friends got married!

We witnessed two of our best friends get married this year on what was a perfect day! Laura wrote a poem for her reading, and also cried happy tears for most of the day. As much as I love photographing Weddings It was also nice to be at a Wedding as a guest so I could have a few drinks and bust a few of my terrible moves on the dance floor.


… then I got asked to be a ‘Best Man’!

I had the massive pleasure of being asked to be Adams best man for August 2019. Little did he know I would ask him the same question a little later in the year! Things have got really serious in our old age! (Photos by Jennifer Wildig)

I went on an inspiring ‘Street Photography’ workshop with Matt Stuart.

In November I went on a 3-day Street Photography workshop with Matt Stuart in London. His work is incredible and I was so impressed with the knowledge and experience that Matt provided. I also met some great photographers on the workshop, a few of them I am please to now call friends. (Photo 1 by Mo Torki, Photo 2 by Matt Stuart).

Then I photographed a few more members of the Ambulance Service.

West Midlands Ambulance Service do such a great and honourable job. I photographed a few more of them for UKTV’s programme ‘Inside The Ambulance’.

Finally, we bought a house after looking for what felt like forever.

Last but definitely not least, me and Laura got the keys to our very first house in November. It’s taken us the past 2 months to sort it all out but we can’t wait to get in there and make it a home.



It only took us 18 months of looking.

… oh, and I filmed ‘1 Second Every Day’ of my life throughout the whole year.

one personal project I did in 2018 was to document the 12 months that passed by in a totally different way. So here’s a video showing ‘1 Second’ from every single day of my life in 2018.

On that note, I would just like to say a massive thank you to anyone who has supported me, hired me for jobs, liked my images, posted genuine comments about my work or just randomly checked out what I’ve been doing. I love what I do, and I am incredibly grateful to be starting another New Year creating photographs.

Thank you,