I started to pursue photography as a means of getting myself out of the house. I immediately liked how it put me in different places with interesting people, doing a variety of things. I guess my career started when I graduated University with First Class Honours (Product Design & Applied Arts). Despite getting these high honours and grades, I felt I’d been slowly pushed along the education line & still didn’t know what I really wanted to do with my life. After working in a design agency for 3 years followed by a 5-year stint in the broadcasting industry, I decided to go my own way and commit to what I am most passionate about, creating images.

My personal tastes and career goals always seem to be evolving; if I had to catergorise myself, I’d say I'm a photographer of people. Whether it’s an honest portrait, candid street photo, model wearing fashion, promotional/lifestyle image or just my partner walking the dog, it has always fascinated me and has been there from the very moment I picked up a camera. As you grow older you start to realise the importance of photography, mainly, when you begin to experience the ways in which life is constantly ‘fleeting’. People, events and other things are here one minute, then gone, never to be brought back or documented again. All of this contributes to my passion and I wake up every day determined to give it all I have.


Birmingham Children’s Hospital (Solo) - Sep 2016
FRAME16 Exhibition - Nov 2016
Split-Second City (Solo) - March 2017
RBSA Photographic Exhibition - March 2017
'Best of Birmingham' Exhibition - Nov 2017

Published / Press

Digital Spy, Fused Magazine, XXY Magazine, Inspired Eye Magazine, Culture Trip, BarberEVO Magazine, Birmingham Mail, Express & Star, B’ham Living Magazine, I Am Birmingham, RION Magazine, I Choose Birmingham, Edge Of Humanity Magazine


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