Kris Askey is a photographer from Birmingham UK who uses his creative direction & passion for photography to craft artistic images. Actively inspired by people, streets & the world we live in, every single photo Kris takes is a step further in his pursuit of another timeless moment. 

casual bio

I wouldn’t really consider myself the kind of person who likes writing about themselves, but I'm always taking photographs or creating some kind of art. I have this ever-growing fascination with people & human nature as well as anything else that visually pleases me. I have always been drawn to the aesthetic of the 60s era, the way things looked & sounded back then was something of raw intent & beauty. I developed my creative skills solely from an art & design background so I can appreciate things such as visual branding, album artwork, movie posters & coffee table photography books. I like to consider myself an 'ideas guy' rather than just being labelled as a photographer or a designer. Sometimes I make the odd video, just because it feels like the best way to show what's in my head. I’ve got a strong interest in seeing how all the elements of a project can come together which results in creating a full story or bigger body of work. Like every good piece of art, the best images are always the ones that make me ask questions. Most of which I may never find the answers to. I think the ‘mystery’ of it all is key to me, because each pair of eyes will see things from a different mindset & context. Graphic Design was actually my first love, and the first full time job I ever got. I gained around 7 years of experience as a Junior designer that worked his way up to a Senior Designer position in creative agencies & broadcasting. This was until I decided I needed to be a photographer. I was unhappy with the amount of time I was sat in front of a computer during the 9am-5pm jobs. Blending all of my creative skills, interests & disciplines together has allowed my career to grow into something I could not have ever imagined. Every day and every single project seem to add something new to my journey, and it’s exciting to see where it all will take me next. It won't always be sunshine and rainbows, but it's still possible to do great things even during the worst weather.

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